RainLoop webmail

To configure the product, use admin panel found at: http://product_installation_URL/?admin

There are two ways to configure the product - with admin panel, or by modifying application.ini file manually.

Web interface allows for configuring basic options only, and that should suffice in most cases. But when modifying configuration manually, you'll get access to all configuration options including experimental ones.

To access admin panel, use URL of the following kind: http://product_installation_URL/?admin

For example: http://webmail.domain.com/?admin

Default login is "admin", password is "12345".

You may add or configure your domains in your admin panel.

Configuration file application.ini is found within directory structure of a special kind, like this:

_default_ - is a subdirectory in a single domain installation, in case of multiple domain installaton, your web domain is placed instead of "_default_".

The "application.ini" file is composed using typical structure of INI files, its configuration options are described inline in full.